ZL1AIH and YD1JZ Maintain Leads In Oceania WRTC 2010 Regions

ZL1AIH and YD1JZ Maintain Leads In
Oceania WRTC 2010 Regions

By Jamie Dupree NS3T, radio-sport.net

Most of the top operators in the two Oceania regions of WRTC qualifying made the 2007 CQ WPX CW results count, as ZL1AIH and YD1JZ kept their leads in the battle for two team leader spots in the 2010 contest in Russia.

In Oceania #1, which includes New Zealand and Australia, Robert McCormack ZL1AIH expanded his lead with a 666 WRTC multi-op point total. He is now up on Wilbert Knol ZL2BSJ by 287 points.

The top nine operators in the OC #1 standings all received points from the CQ WPX CW, as several new calls edged their way up in the standings.

As of now, the top five from OC #1 are all ZL’s. The top Australian is VK4TT, who is in sixth place.

In Oceania #2, the story was much the same as Joz Sefriano YD1JZ stayed in first place thanks to another top multi-op finish with his Indonesia teammates, as for now three ops from that country hold down the top three qualifying slots.

The difference is that Sefriano has a top finish from the 2006 IARU, which gives him the edge.

Under the Russian WRTC rules, one team leader slot is available from each of the two Oceania regions.

Here are the top five operators from OC #1 as found by radio-sport.net.
A full spreadsheet link for each region is available.

OC #1 includes VK and ZL.

  1. ZL1AIH 2,504 – (5 scores)
  2. ZL2BSJ 2,217 – (6 scores)
  3. ZL1AZE 1,984 – (4 scores)
  4. ZL1TM 1,866 – (5 scores)
  5. ZL1BYZ 1,574 – (6 scores)

Check out the full results spreadsheet for OC #1

OC #2 has all of Oceania except VK and ZL.

  1. YD1JZ 3,183 – (5 scores)
  2. YC1KAF 2,685 – (5 scores)
  3. YB1CCF 2,591 – (4 scores)
  4. 9M6XRO 2,473 – (6 scores)
  5. KG6DX 2,117 – (7 scores)

Check out the full results spreadsheet for OC #2

The unofficial results produced by radio-sport.net include the final published results of the 2006 and 2007 IARU, the 2006 and 2007 WAE CW and WAE SSB, the 2006 CQWW CW and SSB contests, the 2007 ARRL DX SSB & CW, the 2007 Russian DX and the 2007 CQ WPX SSB and CW tests.

(Radio-sport.net has tried to be as accurate as possible. If you find a mistake, or that your score line is missing a contest result, please send us an email and we will be happy to check and correct the numbers.)

The qualifying rules allow you to submit your top eight scores from certain contests. No more than four may be from multi-operator efforts.

You will note that some scores in the spreadsheetshave been colored in. All multi-ops are noted with a yellow background. Scores from a contest operation outside of your home WRTC region are colored in blue.

A score that was both outside your home region and from a multi-op has a purple color.


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