Bekasi Patriot Hamfest 2008 will be held on 28 ~ 29 June 2008 at Bekasi Sport Arena (GOR Bekasi), not big event like Dayton 🙂 but it is nice event to meet others ham in person and to promote ham activities to new members, the event organized by members of ORARI LOKAL BEKASI. Amateur radio enthusiasts skilled in transmitter hunting will be practices and test his/her knowledge and techniques on mobile or walking ardf competitions, CW lovers will be fun to join on morse code receiving competitions, if you are not interesting of kind activities just go there you will find bazaar and flea market to find gears and accesories what you need or you can participate in eye ball qso competitions. This time i am responsible in morse code receiving competitions and my companions are YD1JZ, YD1GCL, YD1MTF, YD1LEE, YC1KAF and offcourse my elmer YB1CCF.


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