Bekasi Patriot Ham fest 2008, Review.

Finally the calculations made by jury – YB1KAR, YB1ALL and YC1EYC – of morse code receiving competitions has been done and already announce at the event, the winners for each category as follow :

Low Speed, 250 characters, 8 and 12 WPM
1. YD1GME of Lokal Depok, 0 missed characters (session 2)
2. YG1OGO of Lokal Sumedang, 1 missed characters (session 2)
3. YD0IBE of Lokal Matraman, 2 missed characters
4. YD3LMT of Lokal Malang, 4 missed characters (session 2)
5. YD1IGP of Lokal Bandung Barat, 8 missed characters (session 2)
6. YD0NVH of Lokal Setiabudi, 18 missed characters

Medium Speed, 300 characters, 18 and 20 WPM
1. YD0NLA of Lokal Matraman, 0 missed character
2. YC1BNY of Lokal Depok, 7 missed characters (session 2)
3. YD1NAA of Lokal Bogor, 16 missed characters (session 2)

High Speed, 400 Characters, 25 WPM
1. YD1HUH of Lokal Bandung Barat, 0 missed character
2. YB0FVD of Lokal Senen, 2 missed characters
3. YC0BPN of Lokal Tanah Abang, 5 missed characters

Free For All, 851 Characters, Variable Speed
1. YB1TIA of Lokal Serang., 0 missed character

It is not so easy to make decisions when the competitor has quiet less different skill performance, especially on Low and Medium Category, the jury must saw the 2nd session to choose the winners on that category.

This is my opinion for some competitors, but maybe you can not capture all of his/her skill.

YD1GME, his performance quiet good and stable on both speed, solid copy on on both speed and and clean writing.

YG1OGO of Lokal Sumedang, I am very happy to known her city, my lovely village, I born there, maybe she isn’t in her top perfomance, solid copy on 8 wpm and only missed 1 character on 12 wpm, she has trying to make correction on that character but still not clear for the jury, I believe when she is in her top performance she can beat YD1GME.

YD0NLA, solid copy and clean writing on 18 WPM, I am not sure what happen in her mind when in high speed category because she is wrong to put character on the right place so she is lost full block.

YD1NAA, I think her best performance between 12 to 18 wpm, on low category she missed 2 characters on 8 wpm but solid copy on 12, on medium same result with YC1BNY missed 4 character but drop to 16 on 20 wpm, clean writing, she got 4th place on low category but she beat others to got 3rd place on medium category.

YC1BNY, participate on medium and high speed categories but maybe this time is not his best performance, he has still got blank character on both categories.

YC0BPN, stable on all speed, clean writing, maybe her best performance between 20 to 25 wpm, she got solid copy on 20 even I put trap on this session with 6 characters for 1 block.

YD1HUH, stable on high and constant speed, solid copy on random and plaint text, he missed 3 charaters on vary speed, I think he has already perform to beat others above 25 wpm.

YB1HDF, maybe something happen with him, he is writing almost ‘-‘ with ‘=’.

YB0FVD, my elmer, almost stable, for his class all session should be solid copy, I know this event is not capture his true performance maybe something happen, clean writing.

YB1TIA, congratulation to Tia for her winner on Free For All session, I can not capture her performance just only for this event, she is not so good on high speed and if there is no others category she will be lost this competitions. Different situation happen on Free For All session she got solid copy on 851 characters, vary speed and plain text, she beat YB0FVD only with 1 charater on this category.

Conclusion, if all competitor whose win in Bekasi Patriot Hamfest 2008 in they best performance it is very hard to make decisions to choose the winners, because they will got solid copy, so maybe next time is better to put higher speed on all categories, low should be 8 and 15 wpm, medium 18 and 25, High 28 and FFA vary from 18 to 30.

Finally, we appreciate to all off you who has participate in this competitions and also thank you to YD1JZ, YD1LUX, YD1CYF, YD1ORZ, YD1OLG, YD1NIG, YD1MB1, YD1MTF, YD1LEE, YC1KAF, YB1ALL , YB1CCF and YB1JML whose support and makes this competition success.

73, de YB1KAR


5 thoughts on “Bekasi Patriot Ham fest 2008, Review.

  1. First of all congratulation for the winners. I believe that they’re good and even best on the CW mode, but too bad that I’ve never found them on the major CW contest result list yet! They should try it on the ‘real’ QSO!
    Just my two cents!

  2. Dear OM Jon,
    Even you are never meet them on the major contest, believe me actually they are capable for it, the packet sent for free for all is alike contest simulation, different tone and speed also noise, try to find YD1HUH on the band usually he is participate on major contest.
    73, de YB1KAR

  3. Great OM Hery.
    I believe it! Just crossing on my mind we’ve a good cw ops resources, but only several would join on the contest!
    I’ve downloaded CW Pile Up from WRTC2000 at Slovenia. And it’s part of WRTC2000. This wav file containing cw code, pilling up and also QRM/QSB effect. Maybe you could try for next competition!.
    Happy and enjoy the contest!
    73, de YB2ECG.

  4. Interesting statement OM Jon, why only several participate on onair contest, the answers will be varies depend on they circumstances.
    Anyway, thanks for useful info beside that file I have already seen several 600mb videos related to WRTC and CW pile up downloaded by YD1JZ.
    CU on IARU contest next couple weekend.
    73, de YB1KAR

  5. Dr OM Herry,

    Great wrap-up! I am very sorry that I was not able to attend this great event. Thanks for the summary.

    73, de YD0DKL

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